Curse of the Crimson Crown

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Book 2: Session 5

During this session, the party was summoned by Shawn Dhatri to meet at the church. Upon arriving, they found dozens of people pressing against the doors of the church, with all the signs of Blood Veil. Guards were posted at the doors, refusing entry, but Rhialla gained access and met with the Priest. He told of bad situations that were becoming vastly more dire as time goes on. Disease stands at the very edge of being an unstoppable plague.
The priest asked to be brought to Kroft to discuss options, and required an escort and invitation. The party obliged, and upon arriving, found a meeting in session. The queen had put together a group of Plague Doctors, and a military force of Grey Maidens; and was co-ordinating their efforts with the Korvosan Guard and the Sable Company.
Introductions were made (including the introduction of the doctors and Doctor Davalaus), and the next day, an edict had been posted all over the city.


In Attendance:
Voltain Ironmarked

Bonus for attending:
+2 skill points



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