Curse of the Crimson Crown

Investigating the Missing Guards

Book 2: Session 2

Well, a week or so had passed, and things had gotten to be a little closer to normal. The party kept the sickness of their own quiet, and none were the wiser for it. Business continued, and life kept rollin’.
But there was one rumor that kept coming up, one that was hard to ignore. Apparently some of the Korvosan guards had started to go missing – and the characteristic common to ‘em all? Ladies.
Sheriff sent a messenger, askin’ for a hand with a discrete investigation, and the group got right to it.
They interviewed the remaining two ladies (apparently the Guard started with a dozen), as well as another guard, Vasquez, that was friends with Suzy Q (and was friendly with most of the others). It was the search of Suzy Q’s house that yielded the most results, though, in the form of a black flyer full of cryptic information. The group was able to deduce that the flyer was “advertising” a new level and kind of martial prowess, and gave an code that referred to an “address” in the Shingles.
Following the lead, the group found a fairly open section of the Shingles that was home to a few homeless fellows and a Choker. Jack made very short work of the the second, and managed to find evidence of a struggle – 4 assailants, 1 victim. The trail dropped straight to the ground, and was lost in the day to day traffic of the city, but went west from the place where the initial conflict was resolved.
By this point, it was very late. They decided to call it quits for the night.

They spoke to the Sheriff again in the morning, and discovered that another woman hadn’t shown up to work – the newest gal on the squad. Immediately they made their way to the eastern edge of Korvosa where she lived. Peeking through the window, Rhialla was winged by a shot from within. They found the poor girl within, nearly incoherent with fear, sure that her time was near. But thanks to some calm words, they brought her down, and reassured her that they were on the case!

In Attendance: (Bonus for play: 1 hero point)
Jack Human



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