Curse of the Crimson Crown

Monkey Business (sorry for racism).

Session 2

In Attendance:
Voltain Ironmarked

While enjoying the fruits of their labors at the Saloon, the party was pleasantly interrupted by a Vanara, something none of them had ever heard from before. A significant amount of “cheer” later, Shaggy and Urthic became fast friends, and took to the streets in a quest (to find Urthic’s obviously missing tail). The other deputies felt compelled to follow, likely in an attempt to prevent the two from causing or receiving significant harm or disgrace.
As they stumbled down the road, however, an Otyugh burst forth from the ground beneath one of the sewer manholes. A fierce, and rather smelly, battle took place – the deputies none the worse off.
Whispers from the populace began to make their way, that “the King’s murderer had been found.” Kroft summoned the group and asked them to find this girl, one Trinia Sabor, and to keep her safe from the mobs that were already forming – to ensure her getting a fair trial.
The party made their way across town, to the flat where she was living, and entered – finding that Trinia had already started to run.
They chased her down all across the Shingles, with the mobs calling out from below for her to hang for her crimes, but in the end they caught her and safely brought her to the cellar of the Saloon (the pre-arranged place with Kroft).



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