Curse of the Crimson Crown

Racker's Alley

Book 2: Session 6

Returning to life at the tavern became more difficult during the days of Blood Veil, but the party tried to make do as best they could. People had become more reclusive and paranoid, and they only travelled out of necessity, poverty, bravery, or foolishness.
The Sheriff called once again though, with a lead. Apparently some of the plague carriers had gotten lazy, and there were rumors that they were dumping the bodies in areas other than the burning grounds.
The party investigated, and found not only a pile of bodies dead from the plague, but some unusually pale ones. A closer look revealed a nest of vampire spawn who had taken up residence under a toy shop (and murdered the owner).
After a back and forth scuffle, the group cleansed the undead from the city, and the Sheriff resolved the problem with bodies piling up.

Potential Citizens Saved: ?

In Attendance:
Jack Human
Voltain Ironmarked

Level up! All characters are now level 5 – please update your character sheet!



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