Curse of the Crimson Crown

The Curing of Brienna Soldado

Book 2: Session 1

The party had enjoyed a right restful and profitable couple of months since the Blackjack’s rescue of “Trinia” (more accurately, her stand-in) from the hangman’s noose.
They had established the very fine The Ugly Duckling Saloon, and made somethin’ of a name for themselves, ‘specially among the merchants of the area who just wanted to unwind after a long day of hagglin’. It’s turned out to be not only a great place for making money, but a fine way of keepin’ tabs on the various goin’s on ‘round town.
One such piece of information came just the other night, when the people were talkin’ about some kind of pirate or ghost ship shinin’ a yellow light (something that Shaggy remembered signified a ship in quarantine). Apparently the Korvosan Guard sank it to the bottom of the Silt River when it refused to identify itself (Some even whispered to Rhialla of ghosts aboard, or no one at all!)

Grau stopped in to the Saloon in the days followin’, wide eyed and frantic (but sober and decent – looks like he cleaned up his act). He was desperate for someone to come take a look at his niece, Brienna. Apparently she’d taken real ill all of a sudden, and went from a picture of health to death’s door in nearly no time at all. It was no minor affliction, that’s for sure. One of the Clergymen, Shawn Dhatri, was busy at work with herbal remedies that were seeming to have no effect. Turns out the Church policy is payment for miracles, regardless of one’s station in life, and these poor folk just couldn’t get the money together.

Well, Shaggy, Voltain, and Rhialla fixed the girl up usin’ some proper alchemy and old fashioned doctorin’. Looks like she’s out of the woods, but Rhialla and Voltain look like they may have caught themselves a bit of a souvenir..

Fortunately, the doctor (and his assistant Zyneste) was IN, and the disease was out – even though Rhialla needed to head on back to Shawn for a miraculous healin’. That combined with the Preacher‘s ministrations was enough to get her back into fightin’ form.

In Attendance: (Bonus for play – 2 skill points)
Jack Blackcrow
Voltain Ironmarked



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