Curse of the Crimson Crown

The Dead Warrens

Session 4

In Attendance:
Edwin Silverhand
Voltain Ironmarked

Ready to press further in, the party entered upon a grisly scene where a Derro was busily draining the blood from a body using a Stirge. A skirmish took place, and in the midst of it, another captive returned to consciousness and joined the fight. The party learned that his name was Edwin Silverhand, and he agreed to accompany them.
Derro reinforcements were called, and one Herp Aderp, was charmed, and agreed to show the party the various sights.
He led them through the various caverns in the warren, and aided the party in defeating a berserk Carrion Golem, vaguely befriending another derro, Derp Aherp. During the fight, Herp was gravely injured (as well as contracting Tetanus and Filth Fever) and fled the scene. However, another slow-witted Ogrekin, Cabbagehead was charmed and agreed to help the party in return for vengeance against a tormentor: a derro necromancer named Vreeg. Several prisoners were rescued from Cabbagehead’s Pits, and set free with a promise that more would be coming.
The party continued through the warrens, and finally came to Vreeg’s quarters, whereupon he attacked them…



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