Highlights (To be organized later):
- No Gods: There is only one God, though still many demon lords and evil “gods.”

- Guns Everywhere, as per Ultimate Combat rules. Adamantine Bullets are the “witch-hammers” of the western age – they bypass armor DR and several supernatural protections (adamantine bullets are also considered both cold iron and silver for the purpose of ignoring DR).

- Korvosa, rather than being on the ocean’s coast is now on the edge of the Silt Sea. The Korvosans have, with the help of the good ol’ boys back west, have created a specific method of transportation back and forth across the Sea, the Transversal Engine.

- The Setting has been moved into a “Wild West/Steampunk” Era. The technology level has increased, though in a mostly cosmetic fashion (except for guns, above, and various other clockwork magic items).

- More to Come


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